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PostSubject: Ranks:   Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:50 pm



The Caballero is the leader. He makes all the decisions. You cannot do anything in the gang if you don't approve it with the Caballero or the Jefe first. There is only one Caballero who goes by the name Tony Gonzales.


The Jefe is the boss. Yes, He is in charge of all the responsibilities and he works under the Caballero. The Jefe is just there to keep everyone organized. You have to listen to him. There will be at least 2 Jefe's

Sequndo Jefe

The Sequndo Jefe is the second boss, He does not have as much Authority as the Jefe but he is like a division leader, There will be at least 3 Sequndo Jefe's


The Aprendiz is the apprentice of the Sequndo Jefe. Once something happens to the Sequndo Jefe, the Aprendiz will take his place. There will be 1 Aprendiz per Sequndo Jefe


The Soldado is a soldier who will fight for the gang. Every new member will be a Soldado until they prove themselves to be good enough to become an Aprendiz. There can be an infinite amount of Soldado's
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