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 Este Caballeros Story:

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PostSubject: Este Caballeros Story:   Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:27 pm

The Story:

About 20 years ago in New Mexico, a riot began. The Riot was state-wide. The whole New Mexico went angry; Neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother. Until, It got to the point where Mexico got involved as well. As most of you know, New Mexico is in the united states, but Mexico is a country all of it's own. The riot was first civilians vs gangs vs Police Officials. Suddenly, through a short period of time, a lot of Mexican government officials died. At that moment, Mr. Gonzales decided to do something about this. Mr. Gonzales was a man in his 40's. He worked for the government and decided to employ Police and even Army attacks at the Rioters. Until, one day, he too was shot dead. After his death, something changed. People noticed how quickly people can go away, and decided what was the fighting for? Was it worth it? The last memory they had of Mr. Gonzales was his son, Tony. Soon, Tony moved from Mexico to New Mexico to continue his father's doing and stop the fighting not only in Mexico, but in the place where it all started. At his arrival, he decided it was right to finish things quickly, and move back to Mexico with his mother. But no, It wasn't that easy. Tony got dragged into all this gangster business that he too, was part of it. Although the riot had stopped, Tony didn't return to Mexico, but stayed in the United States. He found his way down to a place called, San Andreas. He lived a life of luxuries and comforts. He then decided to make a gang in honor of his father. He called it, The Este Caballeros. It meant, East Knights. This is how the Este Caballeros was started, Till this day. It is one of the largest gangs in the Eastern San Andreas Region.

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Este Caballeros Story:
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